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Message from the President

Maruo Calcium Co., Ltd. took its first step as a comprehensive manufacturer for calcium carbonate starting with the production of extender pigments for paints in 1926.
In the over 90 years since then, we have widely developed and sold a broad range of products such as various kinds of dairy use, automotive, buildings and constructions, paper, IT-related materials, amenity goods, functional foods, Pharmaceuticals, agricultural-use products, and etc.

How to catch customersʼ needs which have become more diversified as society changes is our eternal challenge.
We have found that making sure to carefully solve issues one by one can lead to customer satisfaction. We also try to draw out the true needs of customers by holding a series of discussions with customers and striving to develop products together instead of providing technologies to simply satisfy ourselves. What we are seeking is in our customers.
In order to continuously receive the fullest trust from customers, we must have flexible concepts and various ideas to meet customersʼ requests at any time; in other words, we must maintain our basic strength as an intermediate raw material manufacturer. For this reason, we consider it important to earnestly perform various kinds of basic research and develop them toward diverse application research with a lively imagination.
We believe that elaborating on our technologies step by step to have a large stock of ideas and knowhow is the shortest way to respond to customersʼ questions and requests.

We yearn to provide products which can be manufactured by us only and which customers keenly desire. We will strive to meet this endless challenge.

Shiro Minayoshi