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Oct.1926 Maruo Seifun Goshi Company founded in Nishioka Uozumi-mura, Akashigun, Hyogo Pref., and commenced production and sales of extender pigments for paints.
Jan.1928 Maruo Seifun Goshi Company merged with Harima Seifun Goshi Company and Akashi Seifun Co., Ltd. placed under their management.
Mar.1931 Commenced production of light calcium carbonates.
Kobe Branch Office established.
Sep.1932 Tokyo Branch Office established.
Jun.1934 Osaka Branch Office established.
Commenced production of ground calcium carbonates.
Dec.1939 Maruo Shoji Co., Ltd. founded in Kobayashi-cho, Taisho-ku, Osaka City.
Sales Department reconstituted as a separate organization.
Aug.1944 Tokyo Sales Office of Maruo Shoji Co., Ltd. reconstituted as a separate organization and Nitto Hakua Co., Ltd. founded.
Nov.1948 Maruo Seifun Co., Ltd. established with main office located in Awaji-cho, Higashi-ku, Osaka City.
Feb.1949 Commenced production of colloidal calcium carbonates.
Aug.1949 Maruo Seifun Co., Ltd. merged with Maruo Seifun Goshi Company and main office transferred to Nishioka, Uozumi-cho, Akashi City.
Jul.1950 Merged with Akashi Seifun Co., Ltd.
Apr.1953 Merged with Maruo Shoji Co., Ltd. and reorganized as Osaka Sales Office.
Mar.1957 Tsuchiyama plant completed and commenced production of colloidal and light calcium carbonates.
Dec.1959 Toyo Hakudo Co., Ltd. established.
Mar.1961 Nagoya Office established.
Aug.1963 Company name changed to Maruo Calcium Co., Ltd.
Company name of Nitto Hakua Co., Ltd. changed to Nitto Calcium Co., Ltd.
Tsuchiura Plant completed and commenced production of colloidal and light calcium carbonates.
Listed on the second section of the Osaka Stock Exchange, Inc.
May.1965 Merged with Nitto Calcium Co., Ltd. and reorganized as Tokyo Sales Office.
Apr.1979 Kyushu Calcium Co., Ltd. established.
Oct.1983 Central Research Institute established.
Jun.1989 Maruo Osaka Building completed in Fukushima-ku, Osaka City. Osaka Sales Office relocated to new building.
Mar.2001 Order Receipt Center opened.
Sep.2003 Maruo (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. established.
Sep.2007 Dongguan Liwan Nanotech Co., Ltd. established.
Jul.2013 Listed on the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.
Mar.2017 Main office building completed.