In addition to calcium carbonates which are produced in our plants and affiliated companies, we can offer various types of filling agents as follows:

Product item (type) Features Product lineup
Imported talc Fine-grinding powders with high-purity materials imported from China are called “Talc”, and have hydrous magnesium silicate. These powders have been widely used for papers, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, paints, rubbers, sealants, polyolefin, ceramics, etc. LMR#200, LMS#200, LMS#100, LMP#100, LMR#100, High Micron G, LMP, LMR, PKP#80, PKP#53, PK#51, PK#50, SP#44, NK#64, NK#48, DS#34, S-DA#32, SP#50A, talc food additive, talc CS, talc HA, MS, M, SW
Japanese talc Domestic-produced fine-ground talc powders. The whiteness is lower than that of imported talc; however, these powders have also been widely used for paints, rubbers, ceramics, agricultural carriers, etc. 3S, S, SSS
Clay These minerals are called “Clay” or “Katarupo”. Domestic raw stones whose main component is pyrophyllite are ground in the dry or wet mode and are classified. These products have been used for paints, rubbers, adhesives, papers, agricultural carriers, ceramics, etc. High Katarupo, SY kaoline, HA kaoline, OA kaoline, Katarupo, OS clay, OA clay, HA clay, MC clay, No. 1 clay, special clay, ZEEKLITE white clay
Silica sand Domestic silica sand or imported silica are ground in wet mode and sieve, which have a grayish white color tone. These powders are mainly used for paints, plastics, ceramics, etc. Silica special powder, pure silica powder, pure silica, KI clay, silsick, KS clay, silica sand No. 4, silica sand No. 5, silica sand No. 6, silica sand No. 7, silica sand No. 8
Polishing powder Clay containing significant amounts of iron, which has been used for sealers or as yellow-brown colored pigment. Red polishing powder, white polishing powder
Calcium carbonate Coarse particle ground calcium carbonate made of white or gray limestone. This product has been used voluminously for roads, feeds, agricultural field, acid neutralizers, etc.
Others Mica, sericite, sepiolite, bentonite, perlite, zeolite, wollastonite, fluorite, dolomite, lime, hydrated lime, kaoline, chlorite, diatomite, etc. MC hard clay, NC clay, FA85, FA80, FA75, Reduct clay